Signed 1St Edition

SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS

SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS

SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS
For sale is a wonderful collection of Manly Palmer Hall texts ranging from the 1920 - 2020s. Including an autographed / signed / inscribed copy of The Phoenix, which has seen better days. The first 20 pages have been compromised by bookworms, yes, bookworms. However the signature is still legible and the rest of the book is readable. If you would like more photos of the book for a better description, please do not hesitate to ask. The particular texts in this collection were owned and utilized by a well-respected and cherished philosopher, occultist, astrologer, healer, and artist who would prefer to remain anonymous. All materials there-in may, or may not, have markings ranging from checks, to underlining, to annotations. Some may have loose pages, but ALL pages are present, and all text is legible. Some of these are quite old and will have accrued smell / light to moderate wear. Should you have any questions regarding printing information, or more photos of the texts, please do not hesitate to ask.

I will not separate the items from this lot. Titles included in the collection. The Adepts in the Esoteric Classical Tradition - Part One : The Initiates of Greece and Rome (1981 Booklet).

The Adepts in the Esoteric Classical Tradition - Part Two : Mystics and Mysteries of Alexandria (1988 Booklet). The Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition - Part One : The Light of the Vedas (1978 Paperback). The Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition - Part Two : The Arhats of Buddhism (1953 Paperback).

The Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition - Part Three : The Sages of China (1957 Booklet). The Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition - Part Five : Venerated Teachers of the Jains, Sikhs, and Parsis. The Adepts in the Western Esoteric Tradition - Part Three : Orders of Universal Reformation. The Adepts in the Western Esoteric Tradition - Part Four : Masonic Orders of Fraternity (1995 Booklet). Adventures in Understanding (1969 Hardcover / Dust Jacket).

Adventures in Understanding (2006 Paperback). The All-Seeing Eye July MCMXXXI Volume 5 Number 10 (1931 Booklet).

An Introduction to Dream Interpretation 1955 3. The Apocalypse Attributed to St. Astrological Keywords (1958 Hardcover / Dust Jacket). Atlantis (1976 Revised Edition Booklet). Basic Principles of Domestic Psychology and Bringing Philosophy to Children (1964 - Booklet). The Bible : The Story of a Book (2006 Booklet). The Blessed Angels (1996 Paperback). Buddhas Sermon on the Mount (1957 Booklet). Buddhism and Psychotherapy The Healing of Heart Doctrine (1967 Hardcover / Dust Jacket). Buddhism and Psychotherapy The Healing of Heart Doctrine (1979 Paperback). Cabalistic Keys to the Lords Prayer (1964 Booklet). The Child's Place in the Plan (1929 Booklet). A Commentary Upon the Quiet Way (1955 Booklet). Collected Writings Volume 2 (1959 Hardcover / Dust Jacket). The Culture of the Mind (1984 Booklet).

Death and After (1983 Booklet). Death and After (1939 Small Booklet). Death to Rebirth (1979 Paperback). Dionysian Artificers (By Hippolyto Joseph Da Costa) A Reprint of the Rare Masonic Monograph with an Interpretation of The Myth of Dionysius (1975 Hardcover / Dust Jacket). Gordon Pioneer in East West Religious Understanding : A Memorial Tribute (1975 Booklet).

An Essay on the Fundamentals of Operative Occultism (1962 Booklet). Evolution and the Orthodox Church (1936 Booklet). Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians 1965 4. Printing Hardcover / Dust Jacket.

First Principles of Philosophy (1996 Paperback). The Four Seasons of the Spirit and Achieving the Miracle of Contentment (1974 Booklet). Friendship, Love and Beauty (1976 Booklet). From a Philosopher's Scrapbook. Great Books on Religion and Esoteric Philosophy (1966 Booklet).

Growing Up With Grandmother (1985 Limited Edition of 2000 Booklet). The Guru by His Disciple as told to Manly Palmer Hall (1958 Hardcover / Dust Jacket). Healing : The Divine Art (1995 Paperback).

Horizon Magazine November December 1941 (Periodical Booklet). Horizon Magazine February 1942 (Periodical Booklet). Horizon Magazine April 1942 (Periodical Booklet). Horizon Magazine - May 1942 (Periodical Booklet). Horizon Magazine - October 1942 (Periodical Booklet). Horizon Magazine - November 1942 (Periodical Booklet). Horizon Magazine - December 1942 (Periodical Booklet). Horizon Magazine - February 1943 (Periodical Booklet).

Horizon Magazine - March 1943 (Periodical Booklet). Horizon Magazine - Autumn 1948 (Periodical Booklet).

How Belief in Rebirth Enriches Your Life 1956 2. Impressions of Modern Japan (1964 Booklet). Incompatibility, a Crisis in Modern Living (1956 Booklet). The Initiates of the Flame (2005 Booklet). The Inner Lives of Minerals Plants and Animals (1999 Booklet). The Inspiring Lives & Magnificent Words of Twelve World Teachers 1947 2. Edition Revised Hardcover / Dust Jacket.

Invisible Records of Thought and Action : The Theory and Practice of Psychometry and The Use and Abuse of the Natural Psychic Powers Within Us and Around Us (1975 Booklet). Is Each Individual Born With a Purpose?

Koyasan : Sanctuary of Esoteric Buddhism Lectures in Ancient Philosophy (1970 Booklet). Lectures on Ancient Philosophy (1947 Hardcover / DJ).

Lectures on Ancient Philosophy Companion to The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1984 Revised Paperback). The Little World of PRS (1982 Booklet). The Lost Keys of Freemasonry (1976 Hardcover / Dust Jacket). The Lost Keys of Freemasonry (2006 Readers Edition). The Lost Keys of Freemasonry (2000 Paperback). Man : Grand Symbol of the Mysteries (1972 Paperback). Man : Grand Symbol of the Mysteries 1932 4. Master of the Mysteries : Expanded Edition (2016 Paperback).

The Medicine of the Sun and Moon (1975 Booklet). Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire (2013 Edition Booklet). The Mystery of the Holy Spirit (1973 Booklet). The Mystical Christ 1951 5. The Noble Eightfold Path (1964 Enlarged Booklet).

The Noble Eightfold Path (1937 Small Booklet) The Occult Anatomy of Man (1957 Edition Booklet). The Occult Anatomy of Man (1997 Edition Booklet). The Occult Anatomy of Man (2013 Edition Booklet). Old Testament Wisdom (1957 Hardcover / Dust Jacket). Orders of the Great Work : Alchemy (1976 Hardcover).

Orders of Universal Reformation : Utopias (1976 Hardcover / Dust Jacket). Paracelsus : His Mystical and Medical Philosophy (1997 Booklet). Past Lives and Present Problems and How to Prepare for a Fortunate Rebirth (Booklet). Pathways of Philosophy (1947 Subscribers Edition Hardcover / Dust Jacket). Philosophy for the Sick (1953 Booklet).

The Philosophy of Astrology (1976 Booklet). The Phoenix (1956 Hardcover / Signed / Autographed / Inscribed) Please see photos, as the quality of the book from the first 20 or so pages is deteriorated due to bookworms, yes, bookworms. The Piscean Age : A System of World Prophecy (1942 Booklet).

Pluto in Libra : An Interpretation (1971 Booklet). Positive Uses of Psychic Energy (1980s Edition Booklet). PRS Journal : Winter 1967 Volume 27 Number 3 (Booklet). PRS Journal : Fall 1989 Volume 49 Number 3 (Booklet). PRS Journal : Summer 1990 Volume 50 Number 2 (Booklet).

Psychoanalyzing the Twelve Zodiacal Types (1973 Booklet). The Psychology of Religious Ritual (1955 Booklet).

Radio Talks on Philosophy and Psychology (1929 Booklet). Reincarnation : The Cycle of Necessity. (1971 Hardcover / Dust Jacket). Research on Reincarnation 1964 3.

The Riddle of the Rosicrucians (1941 Edition Booklet). The Riddle of the Rosicrucians (1999 Edition Booklet).

The Road to Inner Light (2000 Paperback). The Sacred Magic of the Qabbalah (1996 Edition Booklet).

The Sacred Magic of the Qabbalah (2013 Edition Booklet). Sages & Seers (1979 Paperback).

Science and Immortality (1963 Booklet). Search for Reality - Part 1 - The Dark Night of the Soul - Lectures on Personal Growth (1998 Booklet). Search for Reality - Part 2 - Is Each Individual Born with a Purpose? - Lectures on Personal Growth (1960 - Booklet). Search for Reality - Part 2 Wisdom Beyond the Mind Lectures on Personal Growth (1960 - Booklet). Search for Reality - Part 8 - Mysticism and Mental Healing - Lectures on Personal Growth (1970s - Booklet). Search for Reality - Part 9 - The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away - Lectures on Personal Growth (1962 - Booklet). The Secret Destiny of America (1991 Paperback) The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1977 Hardcover).

The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1977 Enlarged Paperback). The Secret Teachings of All Ages (2020 Reader's Edition Paperback).

Self-Unfoldment By Disciplines of Realization (1977 Hardcover). The Sermon on the Mount 1963 1.

Shadow Forms A Collection of Occult Stories (1979 Paperback / Limited Edition of 2000 / Numbered 2032). Short Talks on Many Subjects (1988 Large Booklet).

Solving Psychic Problems (1950 Edition Small Booklet). Solving Psychic Problems and Submerged Personalities (1956 Edition). The Space Born (1978 Numbered 757/2000 Paperback).

Spiritual Centers in Man (2013 Edition - Booklet). Spiritual Centers in Man (1999 Edition - Booklet). Spiritual Centers in Man (1988 Edition - Booklet). The Story of Astrology (1943 Hardcover / Dust Jacket).

Studies in Character Analysis (1980 Booklet). Super Faculties and Their Culture (1950 Booklet). Symbolic Essays : First Published Works of Manly P.

The Symbolism of Light and Color (1976 Booklet). Talks to Students on Occult Philosophy A Series of Manuscript Lectures Gathered into Booklet Form (1975 Booklet).

Ten Basic Rules for Better Living (1953 Booklet). The Therapeutic Value of Music Including the Philosophy of Music (Booklet). Think on These Things The Wisdom of Manly P. Thirty-Thousand Miles of Impressions (Scarce / Rare 1925 Booklet).

Unseen Forces that Affect our Lives (Special Edition for students of Learning to Live by Living to Learn) (1992 Paperback). The Value of Prayer in Psychological Integration (1955 Booklet).

Very Unusual The Wonderful World of Mr. Nakamura (1976 - Hardcover / First Limited Edition / Dust Jacket). Visions and Metaphysical Experiences (1975 Booklet).

A Vital Concept of Personal Growth (1956 Booklet). The Way of Heaven and Other Fantasies Told in the Manner of the Chinese - Includes Lady of Dreams (1990 Paperback). The Western Paradise of Amitabha (1962 Booklet). What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of Its Disciples : A Study Concerning the Mystery Schools (1982 Booklet).

The White Bird of Tao (1964 Large Booklet). Wit and Wisdom of the Immortals (1987 Booklet). Woman, the Mother of all Living (1955 Booklet). Words to the Wise (1963 Hardcover / Dust Jacket). The Zen of the Bright Virtue (1971 Enlarged Edition Booklet).

The Zen of the Bright Virtue (1991 Small Edition Booklet). Please see photos to properly assess condition to ensure you are happy with the items shape before purchasing, and feel free to ask questions for more photos and/or details! (On orders placed before 1pm CST). It is our goal for you to be completely satisfied!

Photos are considered part of the condition/description. What you see is what you get. Thank you for your interest!

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" The Secret Teachings Of All Ages "... " The Occult Anatomy Of Man: To Which Is Added A Treatise On Occult Masonry "... " Words To The Wise: A Practical Guide To The Occult Sciences "... " Reincarnation: The Cycle Of Necessity "...

" The Secret Destiny Of America "... " Old Testament Wisdom: Keys To Bible Interpretation "... " Shadow Forms: A Collection Of Occult Stories "...

" Self-Unfoldment By Disciplines Of Realization: Releasing And Developing The Inward Perceptions; Practical Instruction In The Philosophy Of Disciplined Thinking And Feeling "... " Orders Of The Quest: The Holy Grail "... " The Hermetic Marriage: Being A Study In The Philosophy Of The Thrice Greatest Hermes "... " Psychoanalyzing The Twelve Zodiacal Types "... " The Lost Keys Of Freemasonry: Or, The Secret Of Hiram Abiff "...

" The Ways Of The Lonely Ones: A Collection Of Mystical Allegories "... " The Wisdom Of The Knowing Ones: Gnosticism, The Key To Esoteric Christianity "... " Mysticism And Mental Healing: Lectures On Personal Growth "... Horizon: Journal Of The Philosophical Research Society V9, No. " Woman, The Mother Of All Living "... " Incompatibility, A Crisis In Modern Living "... " Questions And Answers: Fundamentals Of The Occult Sciences "...

"The Therapeutic Value Of Music "... " The Dark Night Of The Soul "... " Paracelsus, His Mystical And Medical Philosophy "...

" The Phoenix: An Illustrated Review Of Occultism And Philosophy "... " Magic: A Treatise On Esoteric Ethics "... " Koyasan, Sanctuary Of Esoteric Buddhism "...

" The Lord Giveth & Taketh Away "... " The Western Paradise Of Amitabha "... " Short Talks On Many Subjects "... " Four Seasons Of The Spirit & Achieving The Miracle Of Contentment "... " The Value Of Prayer In Psychological Integration: A Lecture "...

" Wit And Wisdom Of The Immortals "... " How Belief In Rebirth Enriches Your Life "...

" Secret Of The Untroubled Mind "... " Melchizedek And The Mystery Of Fire "... " The Pineal Gland: The Eye Of God "... " Sacred Magic Of The Qabbalah "... " The Mystical Christ: Religion As A Personal Spiritual Experience "...

" An Alchemist'S Primer: Fundamentals Of Esoteric Transformation "... " The Bible: The Story Of A Book "... " Freemasonry Of The Ancient Egyptians "... " The Initiates Of The Flame "...

" Man: The Grand Symbol Of The Mysteries Essays In Occult Anatomy "... " The All Seeing Eye 1927 "... " The Riddle Of The Rosicrucians "...

Very Unusual: The Wonderful World Of Mr. " Psychic Symbolism Of Headaches, Insomnia, And The Upset Stomach "...

" The Little World Of Prs: A Field Tour Of The Philosophical Research Society "... " Blind Spot In The Mind: Lectures On Personal Growth "... " America'S Assignment With Destiny: The Adepts In The Western Esoteric Tradition "... " The Blessed Angels: The Reality Of Things Unseen "... " Ten Basic Rules For Better Living "...

" Meditation Symbols In Eastern And Western Mysticism "... " The Spinal Column, World Tree, Kundalini And The Sympathetic Nervous System "... " A Vital Concept Of Personal Growth "... Is Each Individual Born With A Purpose?

" Return Of The Sorcerers: Black Magic In The Modern World "... " Invisible Records Of Thought & Action: A Practical Guide To Subtle Vibrations, Their Causes & Effects "... " Right Thinking: The Royal Road To Health "... Great Books On Religion & Esoteric Philosophy: With A Bibliography Of Related Material Selected From The Writings Of Manly P.

" The Rosicrucians & Magister Christoph Schlegel: Hermetic Roots Of America "... " Meditation Disciplines And Personal Integration "... " First Principles Of Philosophy: Metaphysics, Logic, Ethics, Psychology, Epistemology, Esthetics And Theurgy "... " The Way Of Heaven And Other Fantasies Told In The Manner Of The Chinese "... " Friendship, Love And Beauty: An Interpretation "...

" From A Philosopher'S Scrapbook "... " The Quiet Way: A Commentary Upon "...

" Venerated Teachers Of The Jains, Sikhs And Parsis (Adepts In The Eastern Esoteric Tradition) "... " How To Understand Your Bible: A Philosopher'S Interpretation Of Obscure And Puzzling Passages "... " Inner Lives Of Minerals, Plants & Animals "...

" Positive Uses Of Psychic Energy: A Lecture "... " The Mystery Of The Holy Spirit "... " The Sages Of China The Adepts: In The Eastern Esoteric Tradition "... " Zen Of The Bright Virtue "... " Cabalistic Keys To The Lord'S Prayer "...

" The Light Of The Vedas "... The Most Holy Trinosophia Of The Comte De St. " Facing The Future: A New Theory Of Political Representation "...

" Pluto In Libra, An Interpretation "... " Horizon The Magazine Of Useful And Intelligent Living 1947 To 1948 "...

" Symbolism Of The World Egg And Occult Embryology "... " The Illumined Mind: The Universal Savior "... Blavatsky And The Secret Doctrine...

A Rare & Curious Manuscript Of Rosicrucian Interest... " Mystics And Mysteries Of Alexandria "... " Medicine Of The Sun And Moon "... " The White Bird Of Tao "... " The Culture Of The Mind "...

" Emerson'S Concept Of The Oversoul "... " Super Faculties And Their Culture "... " The Adepts In The Eastern Esoteric Tradition (Part 2) The Arhats Of Buddhism ". Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author, lecturer, astrologer and mystic. He is best known for his 1928 work The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

Over his 70 year career, he gave thousands of lectures, including two at Carnegie Hall, and published over 150 volumes. In 1934, he founded The Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles, which he dedicated to the "Truth Seekers of All Time", with a research library, lecture hall and publishing house. Many of his lectures can be found online and his books are still in print. Hall was born in 1901. To Louise Palmer Hall, a. The younger Hall said to have never known his father. In 1919, Hall moved from. With his maternal grandmother to reunite with his birth mother, who was living in. And was almost immediately drawn to the arcane world of. Esoteric philosophies, and their underlying principles. Hall delved deeply into teachings of lost and hidden traditions, the golden verses of Hindu gods, Greek philosophers and Christian mystics, and the spiritual treasures waiting to be found within one's own soul. Hall took over as preacher of the Church of the People in 1919 as well, at Trinity Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles. Less than a year later, Hall booked his first lecture, and the topic was. Hall was ordained a minister in the Church of the People on May 17, 1923, and a few days later, he was elected permanent pastor of the church.

His first publications consisted of two small pamphlets, "The Breastplate of the High Priest" (1920), and Wands and Serpents. Between 1921 and 1923 he wrote three books, The Initiates of the Flame published in October 1922, The Ways of the Lonely Ones published in 1922, and The Lost Keys of Freemasonry published in March 1923.

Hall did not become a. Until 1954, more than thirty years after this book was published. During the early 1920s, Carolyn Lloyd and her daughter Estellemembers of a family that controlled a valuable oil field in. The Secret Teaching of All Ages. Although the price of individual copies varied. The full title of the book is An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy: Being an Interpretation of the Secret Teachings concealed within the Rituals, Allegories and Mysteries of all Ages. Crocker Company of San Francisco agreed to publish the book if Hall could secure the interest of book designer. Who once worked as a printer to the Vatican. Color illustrations were by John Augustus Knapp. After The Secret Teachings of All Ages was published, Hall went from being just another earnest young preacher in the City of Angels to becoming an icon of the increasingly influential metaphysical movement sweeping the country in the 1920s. His book challenged assumptions about society's spiritual roots and made people look at them in new ways. Hall dedicated The Secret Teachings of All Ages to the proposition that concealed within the emblematic figures, allegories and rituals of the ancients is a secret doctrine concerning the inner mysteries of life, which doctrine has been preserved in toto among a small band of initiated minds.

As one writer put it: The result was a gorgeous, dreamlike book of mysterious symbols, concise essays and colorful renderings of mythical beasts rising out of the sea, and angelic beings with lions' heads presiding over somber initiation rites in torch-lit temples of ancestral civilizations that had mastered latent powers beyond the reach of modern man. In 1988, Hall himself wrote: The greatest knowledge of all time should be available to the twentieth century not only in the one shilling editions of the.

In small type and shabby binding, but in a book that would be a monument, not merely a coffin. John Henry Nash agreed with me. The major books which followed include The Dionysian Artificers (1936), Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians (1937), and Masonic Orders of Fraternity (1950).

In his over 70-year career, Hall delivered approximately 8,000 lectures in the. And abroad, authored over 150 books and essays, and wrote countless. He appears in the introduction to the 1938 film. A murder mystery that uses astrology as a key plot point.

Hall wrote the original story for the film (screenplay by Anthony Coldeway) and is also credited as the narrator. Hall at Carnegie Hall, Dec. In 1942, Hall spoke to an attendance-setting audience at. On "The Secret Destiny of America, " which later became a book of the same title. In that book, through a series of stories, he alleged a secret order of philosophers had created the idea of America as a country for religious freedom and self-governance. In one of the stories that Hall cites as evidence of. He claims that an angel was present at the signing of the. And inspiring them with God's words. Is reported to have adopted ideas and phrasing from The Secret Destiny of America (1944) in his speeches and essays for his allegorical use of the. Hall and his followers went to extreme lengths to keep any gossip or information that could tarnish his image from being publicized, and little is known about his first marriage, on April 28, 1930, to Fay B. DeRavenne, then 28, who had been his secretary during the preceding five years. The marriage was not a happy one; his friends never discussed it, and Hall removed virtually all information about her from his papers following her suicide on February 22, 1941. Following a long friendship, on December 5, 1950, Hall married Marie Schweikert Bauer (following her divorce from George Bauer), and the marriage though stormy was happier than his first. Marie Schweikert Bauer Hall died April 21, 2005. In 1934, Hall founded the. (PRS) in Los Angeles, California, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Dedicated to the study of religion, mythology, metaphysics, and the occult. The PRS still maintains a research library of over 50,000 volumes. And also sells and publishes metaphysical and spiritual books, mostly those authored by Hall. Acquisition of the Manly Palmer Hall Collection in 1995 provided the Getty Research Institute with one of the world's leading collections of alchemy, esoterica, and hermetica.

Hall was a Knight Patron of the Masonic Research Group of San Francisco, with which he was associated for a number of years prior to his Masonic affiliations. On June 28, 1954, Hall initiated as a. 374, San Francisco (now the United Lodge); passed September 20, 1954; and raised November 22, 1954.

He took the Scottish Rite Degrees a year later. He later received his 32° in the Valley of San Francisco AASR (SJ).

On December 8, 1973 (47 years after writing The Secret Teachings of All Ages), Hall was recognized as a 33° Mason. The highest honor conferred by the Supreme Council of the. At a ceremony held at the. Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born mystic, eclectic philosopher and founder of the Philosophical Research Society , a modern equivalent of the school of Pythagoras. He was the 20th centurys most prolific writer on mysticism, magic, and ancient philosophies.

He authored more than 200 books and gave more than 8000 lectures, most of them weekly at the headquarters of the Philosophical Research Institute. Hall is best known for his 1928 work The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Hall published his magnum opus, an introduction to ancient symbols and secret traditions, at the age of 27, to immediate acclaim. It is the most important book of the early twentieth-century American occult revival and remains influential to this day.

Manly Hall was born on March 18, 1901 in the rural city of Peterborough, Ontario. His father was a dentist and his mother was a chiropractor. Halls parents had separated while his mother was still pregnant with him, and he soon came into the care of his maternal grandmother, Florence Palmer. When he was two years old, she brought him to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where they lived for several years. He was a sickly child, got little schooling but read voraciously on his own.

There was a spark of some indefinable brilliance in the youth, which his grandmother nurtured on trips to museums in Chicago and New York. For a time, the two of them lived in the high-end hotel Palmer House in Chicago where Hall was mostly in the company of grown-ups, including a traditionally garbed Hindu maitre dhotel, who taught him adult etiquette. Later on, the bookish adolescent was enrolled in a military school. His grandmother died when he was sixteen and he traveled to California to be with his mother. Halls career as a mystic sage began in 1919, when he came to California to be reunited with his mother. He came under the influence of self-styled followers of Rosicrucianism in Oceanside, California.

He lived at the Rosicrucian Fellowship founded by Max Heindel but grew suspicious of the orders claims to ancient wisdom and soon moved to Los Angeles. There he fell in with metaphysical seekers and discussion groups. One day young Manly Hall was attracted by a sign advertising phrenology, the discipline that reads human psychology through the shape and contours of the skull. The proprietor of the shop, Sydney J. Brownson, quickly became Halls guru and explained magnetism, reincarnation, the aura, the wisdom of the ancients, the mysteries of India and the East and the secret teachings of the church to Hall, who proved to be an excellent student with a photographic memory and a talent for speaking.

One year later Brownson invited Hall to speak to a select audience who met weekly in a room above a bank and he was a success. Part showman, part shaman, Hall wore a dark tailored suit and sat mid-stage, his hands resting palms down on the arms of a baronial chair that was bathed in light.

He spoke for 1 ½ hours not a minute longer. Whether his subject was Egyptian initiation ceremonies or mythic water sprites, he concluded abruptly with the same sign-off: Well, thats about all for today folks.

Hall was influenced by the Theosophical teachings. Apart from a short spell at a military school, he was without formal education. In California he came under the influence of the Theosophical Society. He began his public career in 1920 in Santa Monica, giving a series of lectures on reincarnation.

He became a lifelong admirer of H. Blavatsky and her Secret Doctrine. Manly Hall was never a member of the Theosophical Society in America, and possibly never a member of any Theosophical Society. Nonetheless, he was heavily engaged with the TSA and lectured at the Besant Hollywood Lodge, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, and Oakland. His books, and members studied them in lodge meetings and listened to his lectures on recordings. His Philosophical Research Society also hosted Theosophical lecturers.

Manly Hall was a bit fanatical about anything relating to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky H. He was tremendously earnest about his particular view of Theosophy.

He said that the original work of H. Stands more or less unique even within the field of related literature, that her own particular insight makes her works unique, remarkable and valuable. He further said that many of the remarks which she made during her time, which were highly controversial, are now generally accepted and that many of the findings which she reported and which amazed her contemporaries, now belong to our common knowledge. When Boris de Zirkoff assumed the role as editor of Blavatsky's complete works after World War II, he worked with Hall to publish the fifth volume at the Philosophical Research Society in 1950.

Subsequent volumes VI-XV were published through the Theosophical Publishing House in Adyar, India and Wheaton, Illinois, and the PRS helped with distribution. Boris de Zirkoff conducted a long correspondence with Manly Hall.

The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Halls world travels in the early 1920s gave him some degree of proximity to the monuments and philosophies of antiquity.

But the materials that finally made it possible for him to complete his book of wisdom were those he discovered in the great Western libraries just opening to widespread public use. Through the influence of benefactors, Hall gained access to some of the rarest manuscripts at the British Museum and while living in New York in the mid-1920s, he found material in the vast beaux arts reading room of the New York Public Library.

He amassed a bibliography of nearly one thousand entries. By mid-1928, having presold subscriptions for almost a thousand copies and printing 1,200 more, he published what would become known as the Big Book and it has never gone out of print since. The Secret Teachings of All Ages , funded by a bevy of wealthy supporters was published to immediate acclaim. Hall published other books widely considered classics of occult literature, but the Secret Teachings of All Ages stands head and shoulders above the rest. It is the most important book of the early twentieth-century American occult revival, it remains influential, and many of the teachings and ideas it presented to the public remain in circulation.

The book is magnificently illustrated with 54 original full-color plates of ancient and medieval emblems and figures by noted illustrator J. Augustus Knapp and 200 black-white illustrations borrowed from rare occult works. The instant success of the book catapulted Hall into the national spotlight.

It was the only serious, comprehensive codex of its era that took the world of myth and symbol on its own terms. Hall peered into sources that many historians refused to consider from Masonic and Rosicrucian tracts to alchemical and astrological works and recent scholarship has justified some of his historic conclusions. While The Secret Teachings of All Ages has always been ignored within academia, it influenced some who chose more traditional scholarly paths than Halls. He clarified ancient ideas that could otherwise seem beyond reach, writing not as a distant judge but as a lover of the rites and mysteries embodied in the old ways. It upset Hall that esoteric and occult teachings had no place in American universities and he decided to establish a spiritual center in Los Angeles of his own design and purpose with the mission to teach the practical idealism preserved in over 100,000 of the wonder-texts of antiquity, develop programs for the good of society, and excite his students' desire to put them to work in everyday life.

On November 20, 1934, Halls nonprofit Philosophical Research Society bought a prime piece of real estate overlooking Los Feliz Boulevard and the hills leading to Griffith Park from Capitol Holding Company. On October 17, 1935, about 100 people assembled to break ground for their new headquarters. PRS provided a cloistered setting where Hall spent the rest of his life teaching, writing, and assembling a remarkable collection of antique texts and devotional objects. His small campus eventually grew to include a fifty-thousand-volume library, a three-hundred-seat auditorium, a bookstore, a warehouse, an office, and a courtyard.

It became one of the most popular destinations in Los Angeles for the spiritually curious. Hall had signed over his estate to this shadowy trustee just six days before his passing.

The financial damage from these difficult years was irreversible. They were forced to sell of many cherished items to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and European collectors.

The PRS did regain fiscal health beginning in 1993 and continued to print different editions of the Great Book. PRS now offers a full calendar of lectures, online courses, workshops, wellness classes, concerts, and special events to the general public. Hall wrote scores of books, pamphlets and articles, and gave numerous lectures, typically without notes. Yet, for all his output, Hall remained a riddle to those around him. Following his Sunday morning lectures at PRS, he would promptly exit the auditorium from a side door, enter a car, and be driven back to his nearby house.

Unlike many spiritual teachers who flocked to Hollywood, Hall showed relatively little interest in attracting publicity or hobnobbing with movie stars and he rarely involved himself in movie business. Over the years, however, Hall had many devotees and these included actors and actresses such as Bela Lugosi, Glenn Ford, Burl Ives [a Theosophist], and Gloria Swanson; Hollywood bigwigs such as Sid Grauman, Cecil B. DeMille, and Samuel Goldwyn; scientists such as Luther Burbank, other notables such as Elvis Presley and the astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) Edgar Mitchell, as well as politicians such as Harry S. Hall was married in 1930 to his secretary Fay B. Ravenne , an attractive astrologer from Texas.

The marriage soon proved to be difficult because Fay was subject to several illnesses and she resented her husbands growing fame and success. Hall himself suffered from numerous ailments, and overate as his only relief from the misery of married life.

Fay retreated deeper into depression and committed suicide in 1941, gassing herself in her car. Hall was devastated but after a short period of mourning he purged all records of Fay from his files and never mentioned her again. His second wife was Marie Bauer , a petite German immigrant and mother of two.

She was sure that Sir Francis Bacon had traveled to America and while there buried a vault with a fortune of gold beneath a church tower in Williamsburg, Virginia. She was convinced that God had chosen her to uncover this vault and her passion proved powerful enough to convince authorities to permit her to dig up the vault, but nothing was found. Marie didnt give up and her obsession with Bacons vault continued for the rest of her life. She had frequent hallucinations, fits of violence, grandiose claims and was at least occasionally psychotic. By the late 1970s, sickness had become a way of life for Hall, who was nearing 80.

His gall bladder problems had gotten so bad that he stopped lecturing outside of Los Angeles; the organ was removed in 1972. His thyroid glands had been removed when he was young, which might have contributed to his obesity.

His joints ached with arthritis. His days were spent visiting one doctor after another, and stocking his shelves with prescriptions and supplements. In the late 1980s, Hall appeared to lose his personal judgment. He turned over all of his household and business affairs, and even his and PRSs financial assets, to a self-professed shamanic healer and supposed reincarnate from Atlantis named Daniel Fritz. Hall disregarded anyone who questioned the relationship.

Ill and dangerously overweight in his final years, Hall had apparently bought into Fritz claims as a mystical healer and his promise to spread Halls work across the world. Hall did drop weight through diet and exercise, and Fritz administered regularly colonics. Hall signed his estate over to Fritz less than a week before his death. The circumstances of Halls death were more than suspicious.

An autopsy revealed several bruises, smudges of soil, and evidence of trauma, and some called it murder. There were charges but they were never pursued and after Fritz death in 2001 and his sons passing in 2003 the file was closed. Hall died on August 29, 1990. A Masonic memorial service dedicated to The Illustrious Manly Palmer Hall, 33 degree, Grand Cross of Honor, was held on September 23rd, 1990. Hall was 6 foot 4 tall and had blue-grey eyes. He was charismatic, arrogant, humorous, and scholarly. He saw himself not as a scholar, who seeks knowledge for its own sake and the satisfaction of his own mind, but as a teacher who learns in order to bestow his students with knowledge and insights. He deeply believed in the value of the testimonies of Plato, Buddha, St. Paul, and the pagan martyr Hypatia. As medicine for the dark side of scientific progress and materialism: pollution, congestion, crime, selfishness, stress, and steady erosion of ethical and moral standards. He gathered many acolytes and received millions of donations, much of it from a mother and daughter belonging to the Lloyd family, an oil dynasty of Ventura County. However there was a glaring dissonance between Halls public image and his private reality. He delegated his business affairs to amateurs and took many of his medical problems to healers with questionable credentials. Although he did not have a university degree, he did not correct those who addressed him as Dr. He advised against trying to develop occult powers yet dazzled starry-eyed followers with demonstrations of his alleged mind reading and predictions of future events. For much of his life he binged on cheap sweets, avoided physical activity, and cultivated relationships with followers by telling them, for example, that they had been close friends in a past life. For all his emphasis on the practicality of ancient wisdom, Halls life in some respect, was a case in point of a truth not found in his writings. A person can accumulate the wisdom of the ages with none of it penetrating ones self.

That perplexity of human nature, a puzzle at the heart of all ethical philosophies, seems never to have occurred to him. None of this should not overshadow the significance of his early masterwork.

The Secret Teachings of all Ages remains an indisputable classic and the PRS remains a vital center for metaphysical investigation and has received academic accreditation. The item "SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS" is in sale since Saturday, October 2, 2021. This item is in the category "Books & Magazines\Books". The seller is "acapoco" and is located in Athens, Georgia. This item can be shipped worldwide.

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SIGNED Collection 150 Manly P Palmer Hall Esoteric Astrology Occult Alchemy PRS