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Horseman's Word S. E. E. Full-Leather Signed Talismanic LE #7/100 Grimoire Occult

Horseman's Word S. E. E. Full-Leather Signed Talismanic LE #7/100 Grimoire Occult
Horseman's Word S. E. E. Full-Leather Signed Talismanic LE #7/100 Grimoire Occult
Horseman's Word S. E. E. Full-Leather Signed Talismanic LE #7/100 Grimoire Occult

Horseman's Word S. E. E. Full-Leather Signed Talismanic LE #7/100 Grimoire Occult

The Society of the Horseman's Word S. Full-Leather Signed Talismanic LE #7/100 Grimoire Occult.

Limited 1 of 100 Full-Leather Copies. Society of Esoteric Endeavour , UK, 2009. This is a superb Full-Leather special edition of The Society of the Horseman's Word, published by the Society of Esoteric Endeavour S. Being an imprint of Caduceus Books, in 2009.

Only 100 copies of the leather edition were published, and this copy is #7, so a very early, and desireable number. This book would make a grand addition to any serious occult library. Various, Society of the Horsemans Word. Society of Esoteric Endeavour 2009 23cm x 23cm 184pp Frontispiece and some illustrations.

This clandestine esoteric society flourished amongst ploughmen in Scotland from the end of the 18. Century until the early 20. Its members were believed to have supernatural control over horses, and also women and were also associated with witchcraft. This book takes the reader on a journey into the mysteries of the brotherhood. Forget notions of dour Victorian morality. We learn from the disapproving pen of the one Scottish ploughman who left a substantial written record that his work mates drank hard, played hard and chased women. A ranting, hostile exposure is reproduced which is actually really instructive, providing what appears to be a 17. Century version of the ritual, very different from the full version. Then follows some surprisingly informative newspaper accounts written by members, an early (ranting but useful) exposure, an eyewitness account, relevant folksongs sung by the ploughmen and then the ceremony and lore of the Society.

The ceremony, which has never been previously published, is a surprise, as are the teachings of the Society. The ritual shows a transformation of freemasonry to the nature of ploughing with horses.

The legend of Solomons temple is replaced with references to Hercules and other figures from Greek mythology as well as Gabriel, Lucifer and Old Nick, the classical references sometimes being very well informed. Also incorporated are folk traditions about the domestication of horses.

It could be an extreme experience, being very rough, physically arduous and potentially very scary, involving an encounter with the Devil and mock execution. In the earliest form of the ritual Adam, after the fall, is given as the originator of ploughing, an important gives Cain and in the secret rituals and teachings it is Tubal Cain who, it is said, was the first horseman though he, we are told, was instructed by a woman! An appendices explores the nature and significance of Tubal Cain and his relevance to ploughmen, finding expressions of rebellion against the status quo. Whilst one comes to understand why the horsemans word was associated with control of horses and power over women, true mysteries emerge. In East Anglia supernatural control of horses was attributed to possession of a toad bone obtained though a frightful ritual. Whilst we learn that members of the Society of the Horsemens Word were accused of similar spellcraft, and some would aver to such practice, it is clear that the nature of the Society is very different. The candidate is repeatedly exhorted to treat his animals well i. E not like he is treated in the ritual!

And is even required to challenge any brother mistreating a horse. His initiator also says You might have been told before that Mankind was made in the image of the Almighty but his horsemen know that all creatures, great and small, were also made in the Allmightys image As it flourished long before the R.

Was founded it may be, despite being entirely clandestine, the Society was the first British organisation to have an animal welfare agenda. However the Society of the Horsmeans Word is not entirely alien to the East Anglian tradition. An extract from the writings of an anonymous East Anglian poacher is included, as it evinces a similar celebration of Cain as found in the Scottish traditionm, the same write is also an important source concerniung the Toad Bone ritual. The Society of Horsemen was multifunctional. To some degree it was an early form of trade union.

Thus, it was a criminal conspiracy, contravening the same laws that saw the Tolpuddle Martyrs transported and numerous workers imprisoned. It had to be clandestine.

Strikes were impossible, but they had sabotage. Possession of the Horsemans Word was a mask for the use of scents and smells to control horses, so the farmer would literally be unable to get a horse out of stable or into harness, if a horseman in dispute had reasted the horse by means of secreting an aromatic substance. Check out my other items. & b e sure to add me to your favourites list. As I will be listing many other Rare & hard-to-find books, artworks and many other items of interest.

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  • Binding: Leather
  • Subject: Religion & Spirituality
  • Topic: Occult
  • Special Attributes: Deluxe Edition Limited to 100 numbered copies
  • Origin: English
  • Year Printed: 2009
  • Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Printing Year: 2009
  • Publisher: Society of Esoteric Endeavour
  • Original/Reproduction: Original
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Language: English

Horseman's Word S. E. E. Full-Leather Signed Talismanic LE #7/100 Grimoire Occult